Bylaws and Policy Committee

As outlined in the NASA bylaws, the role of the Bylaws and Policy Committee is to:

a) review from time to time the Bylaws of the Association and may recommend amendments to same;
b) advise on questions relating to the Bylaws;
c) receive and process all special resolutions recommending changes to the Bylaws for presentation at General Meetings; and
d) on its own volition or upon referral to it, review the polices of the Association, consult with appropriate bodies, and make recommendations for amendment[s] to the Executive Board.

2022 - 2024 Bylaws and Policy Committee Members

Committee Chair: Jeff Papineau |
Tonia Harris
Kim Koch
Joanne Marot
Edyta McLoughlin
Shenin Mehnaj
Julie Paterson

There are currently no vacancies on this committee.  If you are interested in volunteering with the committee, please contact the NASA Office by email at or by phone at 780-439-3181 or 1-877-439-3111.