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For information or general inquiries, contact the NASA Office by email at or by phone at 780.439.3181 or 1.877.439.3111.

NASA Staff

Joy Correia, Director of Operations | | 780.989.6186

Labour Relations Officers

If you have questions, require assistance, or are having a workplace issue, NASA's Labour Relations Officers (LROs) are here to help you.

Kathy Collins, Labour Relations Officer | | 780.989.6179
Andy Lenz, Labour Relations Officer | | 780.989.6177
Bryan Richardson, Labour Relations Officer | | 780.989.6185
Terry Sway, Labour Relations Officer | | 780.989.6182
Jillian Pratt, Labour Relations Officer | | 780.989.6178
Christianne Nylund, Labour Relations Officer | | 780.989.6181

If you don't know the LRO for your work area, you can see the chart below for LRO portfolio information (you can use the find function, CTRL-F, to search for your department in the PDF) or contact NASA by email at or by phone at 780.439.3181 or 1.877.439.3111 to be connected to your LRO.

Operations Staff

Kristine Nguyen, Bookkeeper |
Samantha Spurrier, Executive Assistant |
Kayanna Reff, Office Assistant |
Fathiya Wais, Internal Organizer |
Scott Harris, Communications Strategist |

Executive Board

Quinn Benders, President (2024 - 2026) |
Chelsea Butler, Vice-President (2023 - 2025) |
Jeff Papineau, Secretary (2024 - 2026) |
Rebecca Saul, Treasurer (2024 - 2026) |
Shenin Mehnaj, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Chair (2023 - 2025) |
Sophia Ho, Human Resources Committee Chair (2023 - 2025) |
Lisa Budney, Political Action & Member Education Chair (2024 - 2026) |
Dan Evans, Grievance Chair (2024 - 2026) |
Anita Reff, Membership Services Chair (2023 - 2025) |

Union Stewards

In addition to its staff and executive, NASA also trains and supports a network of volunteer union stewards who work closely with the LROs to ensure that our members receive prompt and helpful assistance when faced with issues at work.

NASA's union stewards can represent a member anywhere on campus, and you can find a list of our current stewards, the areas they work in, and their contact information on our stewards page.

You can contact Chief Steward Markian Hlynka at

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