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NASA is a voluntary, open, democratic organization that is controlled and shaped by its members. Since all support staff at the University of Alberta benefit from the terms and protections of the collective agreement and receive equal representation from NASA, provincial labour law requires all support staff to pay tax-deductible dues in order to cover the costs of operating the union. 

However, membership is voluntary, so only those who choose to join are considered members. Becoming a NASA member is free and all that is required is to complete an application for membership and submit it to NASA.

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If you are already a member and want to update your personal contact information, please use this online form. If you are having trouble logging into the website or would like to request a new NASA membership card, please contact the NASA office for assistance.

What does membership offer?

If you do choose to become a member, you’ll have a voice in the direction of your union. Members have the final say on every important decision NASA makes—they select the governing executive board and committee members in annual elections, set the direction of the organization at our regular general meetings, and vote on all major decisions, including ratification of new collective agreements, NASA’s annual budget, and setting the dues structure.

NASA has also negotiated a number of discounts for members, including the Union Savings program, a not-for-profit, union-run, members’ benefit program that offers discounts on a range of products and services. 

NASA also provides members with the opportunity to become more involved through educational and social events, trainings, and regular volunteer opportunities. All members can put their name forward to sit on NASA’s standing committees and its executive board, or apply to represent NASA on university bodies such as the General Faculties Council and Board of Governors. Members can also get involved as a union steward or member of our Member Action Team (MAT). 


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