NASA alternate representative to the Alberta Federation of Labour

NASA is affiliated to the Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL). The AFL is an association of unions and employee organizations that have banded together to work towards achieving common goals.

We have two representatives on the AFL Executive Council: Quinn Benders (NASA President) and Lisa Budney (NASA PAC Chair). NASA is looking for an alternate in case either Quinn or Lisa are unable to attend an AFL meeting. Being an alternate is a great, low-commitment way to become involved in both NASA and the wider labour community. Email nasa@nasaunion.ca for more information.

NASA Committee Vacancies

NASA has eight standing committees which support the executive board in each of their different portfolios. Per the bylaws, each committee is responsible for reviewing matters relating to its mandate and prescribed duties and making recommendations as appropriate to the executive board. They work to plan events, advise on priorities, and fulfill the NASA Strategic Plan.

The following NASA committees have vacancies and are looking for members:

  • Human Resources Committee
  • Award Committee
  • Membership Services Committee
  • Grievance Committee

Most of these committees meet monthly over the noon hour. Email nasa@nasaunion.ca for more information.


Would you like to be more involved, but are too busy to commit to a specific set of meetings? Do you like meeting people face-to-face? Sign up to be a sergeant-at-arms! These helpful volunteers greet members, help with vote counts, and maintain the order at general meetings, held approximately three times per year. If you are interested in serving as a sergeant-at-arms, please email nasa@nasaunion.ca.

NASA Union Stewards

NASA is always looking for more Union Stewards—members who have a passion for ensuring that they and their co-workers are treated fairly at work. If that sounds like you, then you could be a NASA steward!

Stewards are members who:

  • establish NASA's presence in the workplace—the union steward is NASA's recognized representative and our "eyes and ears" in the workplace;
  • enhance NASA's ability to represent its members under the terms of the Collective Agreement;
  • protect members and advance their rights, interests and causes through advocacy;
  • mobilize members in support of collective bargaining and other workplace initiatives;
  • provide informed, effective and timely assistance to members with workplace issues; and
  • attempt to resolve workplace issues in a manner that maintains a positive work environment.

Regular training is provided. For more information, the stewards policy is available on the NASA website.

If you are interested in becoming a NASA Union Steward, please contact your Labour Relations Officer (LRO) or email us at nasa@nasaunion.ca.

Member Action Team (MAT)

NASA's Member Action Team (MAT) is a tool for members to work together to grow and develop skills as engaged union members, and to organize against employer or government activity as needed. In a time of university restructuring and provincial budget cuts, the MAT enables members to fight back and stand up for their interests.

MATs are an increasingly popular resource at unions worldwide. They offer an opportunity for grassroots member engagement and leadership in their unions on their own terms and to their own abilities. MATs enable members to strategize and take action to improve their working conditions or prospects, either through political or job action.

If you are interested in joining NASA's Member Action Team (MAT) or want to learn more, please contact Jillian Pratt at jillian.pratt@nasaunion.ca.