A joint announcement from the University, NASA and AASUA

As the University of Alberta for Tomorrow (UAT) initiative continues to progress, and as more concrete elements regarding administrative and academic restructuring take shape, the University recognizes the first hand knowledge and experience held by its academic and non-academic staff members and the important contributions those members, NASA and AASUA can make in this regard. The University, NASA and AASUA have discussed ways to ensure that the Unions are well positioned to provide valuable input and ensure their members’ interests are well represented where necessary.

With this in mind, the University and the Unions have formed the UAT Labour Committee, which will be a designated group of their representatives who will meet regularly to discuss the ongoing UAT initiatives, exchange feedback and information, and develop solutions to relevant issues that arise. This will serve as a valuable supplement to the other forums in which these parties communicate. Members of the Unions can expect periodic updates from these meetings as they progress. In light of this development, the parties will not be continuing their dispute at the Labour Relations Board.