Issues & Campaigns

NASA is actively involved on a number of issues that directly impact NASA members and the work they do. On each of these issues, we monitor the latest developments and provide information and analysis, collaborate with other unions and partner groups, and provide ways for NASA members to take action. 

You can find out more about current NASA issues and campaigns below.

Alberta Needs Pharmacare

The Confidence and Supply Agreement signed between the federal Liberald and the NDP puts universal, single-payer, public Pharmacare on the House of Commons agenda this fall, with a promise to table and pass a national act before the end of 2023. Canada is the only country with a universal health care system that does not provide universal coverage of medically necessary prescriptions. More than 50 years after the idea of a national Pharmacare program was first proposed, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to finally bring to Canada a single payer national prescription drug plan.

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Keep Alberta in the Canada Pension Plan

The Alberta government continues to pursue its plan to pull Alberta out of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and establish an Alberta Pension Plan (APP). We know that pension security is one of the top priorities of the NASA membership, so the announcement that Alberta is pursuing a plan to pull Alberta out of the national plan and establish an Alberta Pension Plan (APP) is a major concern for NASA members.

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